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Tender No: 4193
Tender Ref No.: NCP/Fct/E-Tender/1/Maida/2021-22
Tender Category: Supply of Maida
Tender Type: Supplies
EMD Amount: 12000
Tender Estimated Cost: 0
Name of Work:
  1. 1. Supply of MAIDA
    Estimated Cost: 0.00
Tender Calling Authority: Anupkumar Kumre (Superintendent)
Notice NIT : 1619361778ETenderBakryMaida202122.pdf
Tender Document Download Start Date & Time : 26-04-2021 11:00:00
Tender Document Download and Bid Submission End Date & Time: 10-05-2021 17:00:00
Tender Opening Start Date & Time: 11-05-2021 11:00:00
Corrigendums/Addendums CORRIGENDUM1.pdf